Grupo Códice Detectives Privados, SL is a company made up of acknowledged professionals in the world of private investigation.

In every investigation carried out all over the country, the staff are able to demonstrate their experience and reliability.

Research is based on an interdisciplinary scientific method that must be followed with rigorous care and decorum. Grupo Códice Detectives Privados, SL is well aware of this fact and applies cutting-edge technologies and criminological knowledge for the resolution of the cases.

The information contained in each report issued by this company is an accurate reflection of the proceedings carried out, obtaining sufficient verified facts as to have the consideration of means of evidence before the courts of law, whenever required.

Grupo Códice Detectives Privados, SL obtains and provides their clients, when  requested, information and evidence on behaviours or private cases according to the Spanish Ley 23/92 de Seguridad Privada (private security act).